Dogtown Sessions: Alternate Mixes from Terroir Blues

Dogtown Sessions


01. All Of Your Might
02. No Rolling Back
03. California
04. Hanging On To You
05. Hard Is The Fall
06. Cahokian *
07. Fool King's Crown *
08. Dent County *
09. Heart On The Ground
10. Out On The Road *
11. Walk You Down *

* = alternate mixes for 'The Dogtown Sessions'

Jay Farrar - vocal, acoustic guitar, piano
Mark Spencer - electric guitar, lap steel, acoustic slide guitar
John Horton - bass, electric guitar
Jon Wurster - drums
Eric Heywood - pedal steel
Brian Henneman - slide sitar
Lew Winer III - flute
Janice Rieman - cello

All songs recorded by Mike Martin
All songs mixed by John Agnello

"Walk You Down" recorded by John Agnello and Scott Norton

All songs by Jay Farrar, Grain Elevator Songs (BMI) Administered by Bug Music