ThirdShiftGrottoSlack EP

ThirdShiftGrottoSlack EP

1. Greenwich Time
2. Damn Shame (Memphis Mix)
3. Station to Station
4. Kind of Madness
5. Dues

Producer Tom Rothrock, best known for his work with Beck and R.L. Burnside, remixed "Damn Shame" off Jay Farrar’s critically-acclaimed solo effort Sebastopol. The EP also includes four previously unreleased songs.

"The original idea was to release all 19 songs that were recorded," explains Farrar. "That idea made it as far as the mastering process (19 song sequence). Gradually the idea that there were just too many songs for one cd began to prevail. The idea of an EP and the Sebastopol cd with 2 extra instrumental songs ("Fortissimo Wah" and "Equilibrium") is where it ended up. The songs were always slated for an EP release as opposed to not being released or ending up as b-sides."

All songs by Jay Farrar
(©2002 Grain Elevator Songs/BMI/Administered by Bug Music)

Produced By Jay Farrar & John Agnello
Engineered & Mixed by John Agnello
Remix by Tom Rothrock
Art & Design: Jim Ward Morris (doublemranch)