What other country/rock music do y'all like?

daze inundated

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Let's not forget about Slobberbone!

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Hey Coffee Creek, if you like Blue Mountain then you might want to check out (Tyler Keith and) the Preacher's Kids. If you don't know they are a local band from Oxford and are/were really Tyler Keith backed by Blue Mountain. Also try the Hill Tops (Cary Hudson/Laurie Stirratt/John Stirratt). Good stuff.

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In addition to the many great bands/artists others have listed ... I enjoy:

John Prine
Steve Earle
Townes Van Zandt
Leo Kottke
Leftover Salmon
Blue Mountain
The Woodbox Gang
Broken Grass
Michelle Shocked
Bela Fleck
Sam Bush
Bill Monroe
Doc Watson

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Flaming Lips
Black Flag
Drive By Truckers
The Cooters
Preacher's Kids
Atom & His Package
Husker Du
the Cure (I'm straight, I swear)
Nashville Pussy
AC lightnin' bolt DC
Townes Van Zandt
Camper Van Beethoven
Black Keys
Circuit Riders
Johnny Cash
Willie Nelson
too many others to name...
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About Old Reliable - Bob Egan played on their last album as did the guys from Giant Sand and Calexico. Very good music.



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One of the best bands around... Old Reliable


Jeff Tweedy


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Jay Farrar
Jay Bennett and Ed Burch

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Pernice Brothers.

If you like the way Jay writes, you just might enjoy the way Joe Pernice writes. Check 'em out at www.pernicebrothers.com or at your favorite record store. Their latest album (Yours, Mine & Ours) is fantastic, a truly great summer listen.


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Me I think CRACKER is a Great Band that doesn't get it due.
Johnny Hickman plays a great gutair and they have been around a while David Lowery has his moments and can be an Asshole but I believe that all part of the show and performance. They can be consider Alt County :wink:


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Mother Hips from Northern California.... Great band!!!


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James McMurtry

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This list could go on forever but here it goes:

Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams-when he's not being an ass
Richmond Fontaine
Drive By Truckers-- new disk is really good/go check out the early ones too
Neil Young--new stuff is pretty good and a great live show right now
Jason and the Scorchers--playing in two weeks with X in Nashville, can't wait
Social Distortion/Mike Ness solo
Black Keys--go see these guys live. Amazing.
Tim Easton

I'll stop with that. These are ether things I've been listening recently to at work/in the car or have see live.


country rockin stuff, man

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Skynyrd, man! Skynyrd!!!!!


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What other country/rock music do y'all like?

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Outside of the UT, Wilco, Son Volt circle...
Here's some of the artists I'm into:

Willie Nelson
Johnny Cash
The Thorns
Neil Young
Social Distortion
Nickel Creek
Cowboy Junkies

I like tons of music. These are only a few favorites.

whoop can't forget The Grateful Dead... and Soul Asylum too...
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