Jay 6.23.03 Duck Room CD cover/ Setlist

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what is the camera policy for Jay? I'd take a digital to Mishewaka and share here if it was OK. I'd hate to have it confescated! :?:


Jay 6.23.03 Duck Room CD cover/ Setlist

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Howdy All
Anyone take any digital camera photo's Monday night they could post for a Making nice CD Covers?

Jay Farrar
Blueberry Hill Duck Room 6.23.03 St. Louis, MO.

-Disc One-

1. Heart on The Ground
2. Make it Alright
3. Feel Free
4. Hard is the Fall
5. Damn Shame
6. No Rolling Back
7. Tear Stained Eye
8. All of Your Might
9. Driving The View
10. Vitamins
11. Cahokian#
12. Fool King's Crown*
13. Voodoo Candle
14. Flow
15. Straightface

-Disc Two-

-Encore One-
1. California
2. Still Be Around
3. Dent County^
4. Love You Too (Beatles)
5. Windfall

-Encore Two-
6. Cairo Blues (Henry Towsend)

-Encore Three-
7. *Baby What You Want Me To Do (Jimmy Reed)

*Brian Henneman: Guitar
#Janice Rieman: Cello
^Jay Farrar Piano
One More Song/Wilco Sucks chant before Encore III

AKG-C100's-> DAT-> Mini Disc-> Sony CDR-W33-> CDR

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