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google translation of Spanish review - muy bien!!

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might get a laugh, courtesy of's amazin' translatin' program...

Jay Farrar , the thousand faces of the American sound
Monday, 23 of June of 2003
Who exerted the functions of coleader to the front of longed for the Uncle Tupelo continue adding impeccable lines to a currículum that makes of the title of great architect of that revival country-folk baptized like American deserving. The last one of the paragraphs responds to the name of Terroir Blues and it will be in the stores from next the 7 of July. In this Farrar occasion it explores until the limit his own influences to publish an album in which they have capacity country atemporal, folk more delicate, the narcotic blues and even electroacústicas miniatures that will surprise more than one.

I got WAY too much time on my hands...


Nowhere to be found

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Yesterday(June 24) marked the release of Jay's new album. I was, however, unable to find it in any record store in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I went to at least 7 different retail outlets and most had never heard of Jay or couldn't find him listed in their computers. A sad state of affairs here in D.C.. Oh well, today is another day and the search continues.


Pops Farrar Info

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Check out bio and CD at


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I cant wait to pick up this record tomorrow. Comparing it to Kid A only makes me want it more. Thats easily Radiohead's best record.


thanks a bunch

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thanks for your help. i'm gonna run over to streetside right after work.


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Hey JDV--try Streetside in Westport. They have had it since last Tuesday. I told them it wasn't out yet but they told me it was. I wasn't going to argue so I bought it. Hell, I already know all the words!!

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One of the articles posted here said his father died last August. That's gotta be a hard thing to go through. My dad's health has been going downhill for the past few years. I'm afraid that I'll be singin the blues soon. :cry:


where in kansas city?

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where'd ya buy the new record in kansas city, mo???
i'd love to know. i'll pick it up after work.



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I believe fairly recently. Many of the songs seem to be about this tragic event. Jay is pretty good at not leaving too many clues about what is going on with him, but it is written all over this record. The new album is about as dark as I have heard in some time, but truly an incredible piece of work.


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How long ago did Jay's father pass away?


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New Album

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For some reason, the new album is already available here in Kansas City, MO so I have had the opportunity to listen through it several times. I truly believe this album will be the one that deeply affects more fans, but possibly alienates some as well. I would equate this album with Pearl Jam's 'Vitalogy or Radiohead's 'Kid A' in that it shows a bold new direction from an artist that is at the top of his game. It still sounds like Jay, only somehow different. One thing that immediately struck me was how open this record is. I have always felt that I didn't really know Jay from his music. I knew the places of which he spoke having grown up in New Madrid, MO. We share a common background and I related to that aspect of his art. With this album, the third-person generalities are gone. It is almost as if he is speaking from a place within himself. The album is at times painful to listen to for this reason--almost like reading Superman's diary. I don't hear the hope that I always heard in even his darkest music. Obviously the passing of his father created a large shadow that darkens the foregoing. Beautiful, painful record. I would say easily his best and most affecting. 8)

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