Mark Spencer

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I don't care for his message board persona but that has nothing to do with me thinking that he is an excellent musician. No matter what you think of the guy, I don't see how you can sincerely criticize his playing.

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Spencer is damn good. That is all. Nothing to see here.

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omg..I was expecting another post in which Spencer would be slammed and then he would respond in his often arrogant and snide manner. I do not understand kissing this average musician's ass. Listening to some of their recent live stuff leaves me cold. His playing on the latest lp makes me cringe at times, as I am not a huge fan of flagrant pedal steel, slide, wtf. Give me a fucking break and get off the Spencer worship--it is undeserved. His toxic prose is easier to take imo. And I love it when you all pick on his ol
What an Idiot...Spencer is a top shelf musician all the way down the line...

Pot Kettle Black as it relates to "toxic prose"

Nobody likes a Hater.....

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Yeah ... he really sounded great Thursday night.

And, he and Farrar really seemed to be having some fun playing.

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Mark Spencer

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the dude cannot play a wrong note. i'd like to see a band with him and Gary Hunt....ooops.....that was tonite. Jay Farrar sang in that band and my brain has shut down.....

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