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I heard from one of the guys in Canyon that they actually kicked him out and are working with a new singer now. I guess they are pretty much starting a whole new band with a new name. Should be great cause my only issue with Canyon was Brandon's voice. I'm excited!

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Yeah, the same as above. But I can't make the 6hr(mapquest) drive to Chatanooga, my f*ckin cousin getting married that night. It really sucks, that's the only show on the tour that I could have made it to.

ct :cry:

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I wonder what the story is, why he left, etc. How can they go on without Brandon? Will they? I don't know much about Canyon, but really like their music a lot. I really enjoyed their opening set a the Jay shows, and bought their live in NYC album. Great great music. Too bad he left, but maybe it will be for the good.

I notice he is opening and playing with Jay at the Chat show. Cool. I really like Brandon.

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i was wondering the same thing--maybe some canyon and some covers! or maybe he's got some new songs. i hope he plays with jay and mark.

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Brandon Butler

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Ok - so I'm a dumbass...didn't know he left Canyon til I caught up on my reading.

Anybody know why - and more importantly, when he opens for Jay, what's going to play? I used to listen to Boys Life...interesting...think he'll be like Henneman and play Bottle Rocket songs, but Canyon songs? Does he have any solo stuff that anybody's heard?

Thinking about driving down to Chatanooga...choo f'ing choo, you know.

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