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I know this thread was pretty much done with but I was sitting here listening to an Uncle Tupelo boot that I have I was thinking that a cool Jay cover would be "Do Whack A Doo" by Roger Miller. Just the energy of this show I'm listening too is so damn good I would just love to hear them bang that one out. I'm out.

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Given Jay's penchant for doing more obscure covers, i'd suggest a springsteen tune called If I Was the Priest. I've always loved that tune and Jay would sound great on it. Too bad it ain't gonna happen...

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Scarecrow byJohn Mellencamp seems right in his wheelhouse.

Badlands by Bruce Springsteen

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Hank Snow wrote:Night Moves or Main Street by Bob Seegar.
Speaking 'bout Bob Seger: Hearing Jay sing 'Ship of Fools' would be sweet!!

Hank Snow
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I forgot my absolute favorite REM song, Be Mine. That would be awesome to hear Jay doing that.

Hank Snow
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There are so many that would be great to hear him do, Train in Vain or Lost in the Supermarket by the Clash; She's a Taker by Waylon; Suffragette City by Bowie; Why Can't I Touch It by the Buzzcocks; She Don't Need You by Tom Petty; Night Moves or Main Street by Bob Seegar.

There are so many that would sound so good done by Jay

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windshield, I agree!! The Kids Are Alright by the Who would be awesome...

also how bout Dog and Butterfly by Heart..that would be way coolio! 8)

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Blue Eyes Cryin in The Rain , Willie Nelson , Tequila Sunrise , Eagles, Only Love Can Break Your Heart , Neil Young

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dream jay covers

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what deaner was talking about- ween
wasted time- the eagles
rain song- led zeppelin

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definitely Perfect Circle by R.e.m.
and Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath (lots of "space junk" possible here)
Omaha from Counting Crows? Get Me by Dinosaur jr? Could you be the one by Husker Du?
I'd like to hear some classics too as Wichita Lineman and Feel like going home, and why not an arguably special version of The Kids are alright by the Who.

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Sin City with Kelly Willis.


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U.T. covered Maggie's Farm back in the day.

How about 7 Chinese Brothers. R.E.M. seems to be a popular choice.

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Re: ...

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Godsownsinger wrote:also (dare I say!) Passenger Side by Wilco would be sweet as well.
I agree -- That would be a nice one to hear Farrar cover.

-- CC

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Wow, still processing that paradise city idea. Why not:
Run to the Hills -- Iron Maiden
Don't Walk Away -- Firehouse
Awake the Giant -- Gowan
Killed by Death -- Motorhead

Seriously, though. Wendell Gee would be great, also REM Pilgrimage. And of course, a spare, a la Terroir Blues, Tunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.

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Re: covers

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Camera- REM
Rich Girl- Hall & Oates
Shoot to Thrill- AC/DC

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