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Admittedly a little disappointed that you didn't name her Devonie, but whatever. Genevieve is SUCH an epic name!!

Sweet Sweet Baby!!


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Congrats, LF! Excellent news, indeed!

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Congrats again!!! :D

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congrats lf!!! good times ahead :D

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I’ve said it before, but (forgive me!) I have to say it again, congratulations!!!

YES, that fist! Cozing with her sweet, PRECIOUS face!

How many hats does she have by now, Pops?

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The most precious thing that there is.

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Congratulations! She's beautiful. Baby bliss.

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So sweet! Enjoy!

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Congrats LF.......................yes love the baby fist. Brings back such fond memories.................especially now that she's 16!

Take Care

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adorable! :D
pretty little baby lips!
cute little baby fist!

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What if she's like Wim - No MUSIC!!!

? 8)

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welcome member


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Congratulations to Glenn, Heather and welcome to lil baby girl!!

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Hell yeah!!!
Congrats, Glenn!!! :D

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