the staying power of Jay's records

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Grifterwithafunnylittleha wrote:"What ever gets done I know that I'll be blamed,
They say The King is the man who can ..."

Big Poppa (Jay Farrar) ... NUNcERiPEU
RIGHTEOUS! got the cold sweats from that one.

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Probably Trace or Sebastopol more than any.

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"What ever gets done I know that I'll be blamed,
They say The King is the man who can ..."

Big Poppa (Jay Farrar) ... NUNcERiPEU

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at this moment probably sebastopol:

fantastic tune with jay's savantish yearnings:

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When I want a whole album and not just a playlist, it's always either Anodyne or Live In Seattle.

EDIT: and to prove it, here is an article that appeared this morning that amazingly uses my spotify post to FB from LAST NIGHT!! ... 014142.php

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i really don't know.

w.s.t. has been my most listened too, but i bet i haven't played that disc in a year.

gun to my head, the most regular in my rotation would be stone, steel and bright lights.

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American Central Dust has been in heavy rotation. It's down home Jay and it scratches me right where I itch. I think it'll be one of those albums I come back to for years to come.

But for me Anodyne is the one that feels like coming home. It was my intro to Jay and Slate was the song I'd been waiting to hear all my life.

Then Windfall, and Last Minute Shakdown, and Route, and Live Free.....

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Not even close.
From the opening notes of Caryatid Easy to Creosote, Way Down Watson, and Left a Slide it is just a classic
Love that one.

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Every single one of Jay's songs at any point in time.

Just today, I sang "Station to Station" for Baby Doll and the twins. "It's not the end of the world; you can't even see it from here ..."

She rolled her eyes and finished cooking our breakfast.


p.s. Heading out for a long walk with the dogs now. Settle Up. The Girls are on the way.

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I'm with you on this one Tim.

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Good/tough question. Over the past twelve months, the two I've gone back to the most are Trace & Terroir Blues. Hard to pick one or two though. Staying power indeed.

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On Chant And Strum

One great song after another. Double vinyl. It's all you need.

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the staying power of Jay's records

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What record of Jay's (whether UT, SV, solo, Gob Iron, etc.) do you find yourself coming back to more than any other? This doesn't necessarily mean which is your favorite record -- but which one do you listen to most often?

For me, it's 'Straightaways.' So beautifully understated. I perpetually find myself craving the soaring Boquist solos and the whining Heywood steel. Such a brilliant record, so underrated.

I love 'Trace,' but sometimes the songs feel almost too epic, too precious, if that makes any sense. And that's hardly criticism.

Tim in Chapel Hill

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