Kind of a Farrar fanboy question...

Muddy Waters
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Cicero's in 1992 I believe it was.....Pretty clear that the musical chemistry was like Walter White's Blue...Purity of the highest order..

I love both Wilco and Son Volt....But the two of them together was really, really the shit..

At least they gave out Moon Pies at their last show... it was a sad day in St. Louis..Everyone knew the quality and potential of what was being blown up..They could have been a contender of epic proportion..

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1. Fifteen Keys
2. No More Parades
3. Holocaust (Alex Chilton cover)
4. Hoping Machine
5. Still Be Around
6. Drown
7. Medicine Hat
8. Creosote
9. Ten Second News
10. Six String Belief
11. Cemetery Savior
12. Chickamauga
13. Slate
14. Driving the View
15. Feed Kill Chain
16. Windfall
17. Anodyne
18. Medication
19. Whiskey Bottle
20. Left a Slide
21. Afterglow 61
22. Graveyard Shift
23. Life Worth Livin’
24. John Hardy
25. True to Life

I could easily change the order in 24 to 48 hours, correct? Even add a few new titles?

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It all started with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot if I remember right. Then down to Uncle Tupelo, and then to Son Volt. College years.

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I listened to UT starting with March then Anodyne. My brother was big into UT and I liked Grindstone, Moonshiner and then the killer for me was High Water. I didn't know the difference between Tweedy and Farrar then. Then Wilco released AM. Meh.. Whats missing.. Then I Trace came out.. AHHHH there's the singer. BAM Farrar it is. In retrospect I like AM much more now then I did then.

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I copied and pasted this from an old thread about the 15 anniversary of Trace from September 2010.

Feb 96, I was 21 years old, I had been a 5 and a half years relationship with a girl. It was dieing, we had grown up and apart, but we kept going through the motion. That is when Drown hit the airwaves of the big FM stations. I was kicked in the crest by,” IF LIVIN' RIGHT IS EASY WHAT GOES WRONG YOU'RE CAUSING IT TO DROWN. DIDN'T WANT TO TURN THAT WAY YOU'RE CAUSING IT TO DROWN. DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW YOU'RE CAUSING IT TO DROWN.” After I heard Drown, I knew that our relationship was over; I didn’t want to believe it. I looked everywhere for Sun Volt, but could not find it. Then I walked into Camelot Music and they had a special display with Son Volt. I got a copy, went to the car and put it in. I could not listen to Windfall or Tear Stained Eye, it was too country. It was 96; I was listening to Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains. Route, Live Free, Loose String, and 10 Sec News; were the songs that got me hooked. To me Trace is all about separation, me from my girl-friend and my late teenage years, and Jay from Uncle Tupelo. At the time I had no idea who UT was. Trace chained my life forever! It was a very dark time in my life, and I leaned on Son Volt hard during that period. Also, it opened my eyes to independent artist. I had never heard on Townes, Gram Parsons, or Mark Spencer. I would not be the person I am today without Trace.

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Uncle Tupelo: Graveyard Shift. I was a fan of many genres of music but had never heard anything quite like that song/sound. I drove many, many miles across this country listening to UT and SV.

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I was 16 and happened to see a Magnolias video on MTV's 120 minutes. I liked it, bought the CD and saw that they would be playing in Iowa City at Gabe's Oasis soon. I decided to go see them and, luckily, Uncle Tupelo was the opening band. They had just released No Depression that week and a friend of mine had bought the CD at the Record Collector earlier that day solely because he liked the artwork on the CD. Loved the show, the CD and Jay's music ever since. At the time I HATED country music but loved UT. It took me awhile to reconcile all of that. Anyway, after that first show, I saw them many times and always tried to convert my friends who often came with me to their shows. Long live UT! and HOLS! who often played together at shows here in Iowa.

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Just moved to Montreal in late 90s and a new buddy put in Straightaways. They had me from the first line of the first song, like somebody already said in this thread. Saw them later that year. Still my favorite album.

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Slate from Anodyne.

My buddy owned a record store and told me to get the disc. Been hooked ever since.

I know it sounds weird and but I thought Jay sounded like a mix between Lowell George and Neil Young. Funny, don't hear that anymore. But it's still a voice sent from heaven.

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I heard 'Grindstone' on KDHX. Never heard anything like it.

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It was 1996 and I was 15 years old, listening obsessively to Everclear. The youth director at my church talked all the time about Uncle Tupelo and its two offshoots, Son Volt and Wilco. He played me Wilco's 'Box Full of Letters' and I liked it, but I didn't love it. Then, randomly, I heard 'Drown' on the radio, and I wanted to know desperately who the band was. I called the radio station to ask, and low and behold, it was Son Volt. I immediately bought 'Trace' and was in love. The next Sunday, I told the youth director that I had heard Son Volt and loved it. He made me cassette tapes of all four Uncle Tupelo albums, and I loved everything I heard.

The rest is history. My first Son Volt show was at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem in 1996 with Richard Buckner opening the show. God only knows how many times I've seen them since. Really, I wish I knew. My best guess would be 20-25??

Tim in the ATL

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Lucky enough to work a Ciscero's and catch UT, Wilco just starting
out and a host of other badass early nineties bands. Between
that shitty basement bar in STL and Taco Land in SA, i can't think
of a better time and place for music. relativism of course.

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Aw, the board just needs a visit from Mark Spencer to spice things up! Anyway, I thought Brad Rice was AWESOME. Eventually he was kicked out of Keith Urban's band for some retarded reason, along with another guitar player. I think Keith just didn't like the competition.

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Yeah, this board's gotten pretty lame. I like the Brad Rice era and Okemah. Was short but it rocked. "I remember one faded summer" when I heard Carytid Easy driving down into Phoenix. Best song I'd ever heard. But I think I saw UT in KC years back, too damned drunk to recall.

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