Jay in SoCal tonight

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Drove up for the show and had to leave a little early to make it back for work this AM. Packed house. Enthusiastic crowd. Tear Stained Eye was a poignant opener following the shootings in San Bernardino. Jay in good spirits...said a few words...mentioned the legendary venue. Would have preferred to have bass and drums in support of the Trace material--the music simply begs to be played loud, or maybe it's just my strong preference. Jay sounded great. For me Methamphetamine was a highlight--I think it may be Jay's masterpiece, among many contenders. The new Irish-themed tune was superb. Jay still has it. Hope it shows up on a new record soon. And still hoping that he'll Gretsch things up again at some point...

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Amazing show. One of the most enjoyable of Jay's shows I remember seeing, thanks in no small part to Eric Heywood, who played some of the most transcendent steel I've heard. He made sure every lick on Trace, and Honky Tonk for that matter, was covered whether it was originally a guitar part or steel part. Gary Hunt was great as always and Jay reminded us why we love him: the songs and the voice. But the steel playing really took the whole thing up a couple notches.
Standard set from what I've been seeing. Rainy Day Woman closer.

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Spencer is preoccupied with fighting the good fight. Go, Mark, Go!

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Jay in SoCal tonight

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Hoping for a peaceful end to this disaster in Southern California.
We had 3 well-armed, camo'd killers shoot up a Health Department Xmas
party in 3-4 minutes, then vanish....that was three hours ago

Looking forward as always to Jay's smooth voice and lyrical wizardry,
performed with the reserved modesty as he and his audience chooses.
The songs of Trace should hit the spot

Wish Mark Spencer was around, but hey, Eric will be!

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