Record Store Day, April 2016

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I just found a copy of Live At The Bottom line today. Opened it up, and realised that I have two coopies of the 2nd LP - both LP's are sides C and D. Has anyone else had that issue with this album at all? I'mdisappointed as it was something I was quite excited to come across.

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Just found a copy of the Sebastopol LP at Resistor Records in Monrovia, CA. It was on display in the prime territory of "cool new stuff wall." Damn straight!

Great record shop, prices are on the boutique side but I love their selection regardless. They also had the new Dylan Japanese Tour EP.

Hey almodenjoyer - How much for your unopened copy of No Depression? PM me.

The force is strong in Farrar Terroir.

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And I mean, someone please buy the copy on Discogs before I buy myself a backup copy haha. I still have a copy of No Depression I bought in 1991 just in case I needed it, and I haven't ever opened it yet (although I also forgot I owned it for like 24 years)

Here's the permanent link to the page for this record on Discogs: ... se/8399243

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Couple of copies have shown up today on Discogs for around $40, maybe that'll stabilize.

I def. think it's worth it, what's 10 bucks here and there, but I gotta say, honestly you find a lot of double albums at $35?? I think that's waaay on the high side, I don't recall seeing anything that high here.

But anyway I agree it's worth it. Also Thirdshirtgrottoslack is GREAT, I have always thought Station to Station is one of his best solo songs!

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I got in line in Chicago at 5:30 AM for one reason:
And I got it. (and 14 other lp's...)
It was $34.99 - not unusual at all for a 2LP set these days.
Though the live Son Volt set was cheaper.

It plays nice - flat, centered, and quiet pressing.
The mastering is not audiophile by any means - but it sounds fine. Not too different from the CD if I remember correctly (it's been years).
It's a true treat to flip Side 3 after it's done and get 'Thirdshiftgrottoslack' - what a bonus!

I don't know what they're going for on discogs - but I have to recommend tracking down a copy if possible. Farrar is meant to be enjoyed on vinyl - listened to front and center as opposed to background music or part of a random set of a playlist.

I never thought I'd see the day I could spin this classic record (my favorite of the 2000's).

Only 2 things missing now:

Get on it!

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Good news, I got Sebastopol.

I just went to the RSD site this morning, loaded the list of stores in my city, and opened a tab for each of their websites, many of which were Facebook. Then I sent Facebook messages or emailed every one, which was about 20. Five or six replied, and only 1 of them even had a copy.

I asked the guy to reserve it for me, he seemed reluctant (his entire email reply was "I'm putting it back out tomorrow"), I guess people ask for stuff to be held a lot and then flake out? I know I've sold a lot of guitars/etc on Craigslist and people CONSTANTLY write an email saying "Is this still available? I want it!", I reply 30 seconds later, and then never hear from them again.

So anyway I went, got it, and this is the main reason I posted: Holy crap this is an expensive record haha! I paid $60 Canadian - the equivalent of $45 USD. The employee who got it out for me passed it to me, and I said "Whoa that is expensive" and he chuckled at first and said "Aw yes, the old sticker shock", but then when he actually looked at the price, he ALSO seemed shocked and gave the record a once over. He was almost telling me not to get it, and just wait for a cheaper edition, but I just was like wellll I drove out here to get it, and it's iffy whether it ever gets a real pressing, and whatever, if it was $45 I wouldn't have said anything, so I'll just not spend $15 on some fast food or something next week.

Having said all this, I'm not a rich guy, but I don't honestly care about the price. I haven't opened the record yet, but it looks nice, and I'm sure a ton of work went into it. On the RSD website, the label is just listed as "Transmit Sound" which I assume means that Farrar's company has all the rights, and is getting all the profits, so the money is going to the people who deserve it.

I think if I was in charge of pressing this thing up and releasing it, I'd be scared of printing 2000 copies, especially with all the bells and whistles, white vinyl, etc. Business-wise, the smart move probably is just to print the minimum quantity, knowing die hard fans will buy it even if it's expensive, and then make it really fancy to make it worth it.

Anyhow whatever, blah blah blah. I noticed that there were 2 copies for sale on Discogs a few hours ago, and the cheaper one has already sold (I think it was priced at $60 USD??). There are 4 copies on Ebay right now too, 2 of which have bids.

I still wouldn't count out this showing up unsold in some stores months from now (because I know how much it is, it's less likely to be bought). One store I go to alwats has a big bin of stuff they haven't been able to sell from RSD, maybe that could happen in some places where no real big JF fans happen to live and want to shell out $40 USD,.

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Amoeba has some of the RSD releases available on its site. As of this posting, Sebastopol and the UT 7" aren't available, but the SV live LP is.

Live At The Bottom Line February 12, 1996 [Record Store Day] (LP) ... s/3816067/

Sebastopol / thirdshiftgrottoslack [Record Store Day] (LP) ... s/3819723/

Truck Drivin' Man [Split] [Record Store Day] (7") ... s/3818137/

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I pm-ed you, I'd definitely like it if at all possible, although I'm sure others might too!!

Someone told me last night they called a store in Washington and that store had a couple of copies left too, so who knows, maybe there's hope for everyone :)

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for any interested, I may have an extra copy of each RSD LP release. I will post again, once it's confirmed.

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I'm in Canada and as far as I can tell, stores here didn't even have the chance to get Sebastapol. No stores will take calls asking whether they have specific RSD albums in stock either, so I drove to a few stores anyway, no luck.

It's really frustrating that they only pressed 1000 of this. I understand it's not going to set sales records, but it seems really tough for people like us, longtime Farrar fans, to get this. There are people who go and buy all the limited-run RSD pressings and then stick them on Ebay for crazy money (Sebastapol is up there for $80 buy-it-now), and those guys probably went "oh look something with 1000 copies, I'll buy this for sure".

Anyway I got the SV, which I'm happy about, cause I had a bootleg cassette of that in the 90s and it's a great album, so I can't wait to relisten to it. The first store I went to had 1 copy an hour into RSD, but I have no clue how many they had to begin. The second store I went to, one of the major stores in Toronto, also had 1 copy left, at about 4pm.

Let's hope that a bunch of stores in random places have leftover copies of Sebastapol and they show up for reasonable prices online. Or if not, maybe the business folks can take a hint and do another run!

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Neither record store around me got Sebastapol. I did get the live Son Volt one and a couple of others.

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I got shut out. Sebastopol was really the only thing I was looking for. My store didn't get it in. I probably would have bought the live SV as consolation but they were sold out by the time I got there. I hope after RSD he presses another run of Sebastopol and gives us another crack at it.

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I was able to secure copies of Live @ The Bottom Line and the Willie Nelson/Uncle Tupelo "Truck Drivin' Man" 7''.

Was not able to secure a copy of Sebastopol.

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This is such great news. Must get that one on vinyl.

Had anyone mentioned the Willie/UT 45 coming out too?

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Only 1000 pressings of Sebastopol? Really? I hope I stumble across one, but damn!

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