Call Your Shot Ruthie: Notes of Blue Tour Setlist

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Grifter pulled out of the woodwork. Good to see you. Giddy up!

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And if there's room for a cover, Steppenwolf's Tighten Up Your Wig. Seems to fit what I've heard from the new album.

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+1 for Voodoo Candle as first encore. Then Jay comes out solo acoustic and plays Hard Times to close the show...

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How about Damn Shame? And that kick-ass live version of Voodoo Candle that he used to do?

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Medicine Hat is my all time favorite and I would love it.

Question would be great.

And we are overdue for Left A Slide. (Not to mention Angel of the Blues)

But if I'm picking one for Mark Spencer to put in Jay's head, it's San Antone Meat House from the New Multitudes album. Actually there's 2 or 3 songs from that second CD of that album that would work perfectly with an electric blues stompin' band. But San Antone Meat House would be pretty sweet.

What I've heard of Notes Of Blue has me very excited. Jay likes to do his own thing, even if it doesn't lead to excitement from the masses, and I admire him for it. An album of his take on Bakersfield country was not destined to win lots of new fans or even satisfy all his old ones. I love Honky Tonk and I like that Jay just does what he does without thought to that kind of stuff. But Notes of Blue seems like it could be Jay doing his thing, critics be damned, but it's going to hit that sweet spot where it becomes a big thing for him, whether he likes it or not.

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Medicine Hat!

Tim in the ATL

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Call Your Shot Ruthie: Notes of Blue Tour Setlist

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Hey Lovers!!!

I haven't been this excited about a new Son Volt rekkid
since Honky Tonk!

Call out your setlist picks here and maybe Markles Spencertins
will whisper sweet song titles in Jayfer's ear ...

You heard it here first...My money is on:

Left A Slide

Your pal,
Sport Pony

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