Jay: "Tweedy and I have started emailing lately"

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Hank Snow
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Aw man that means I may have to change my signature line at some point.

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I imagine the audiences for that tour would resemble the pharmacy line at CVS.

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Wow, this is huge. So happy to hear they are communicating and maybe just maybe willing to mend fences. I know they have a lot of mutual friends that would love to see this happen. I have been putting money away into a special hidden (from my wife) account in case this happens.

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"The Bass Player"

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I guess "Tweedy" is a pretty big step up from "TBP". When he refers to him as "Jeff" I'll book my flight to St. Louis. :wink:

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Just read that as well and wondered when it would appear on the boards. Aging has a wonderful ability to help us move on. Great to know they are in contact. The hit to my bank account for a reunion show would be painful, but well worth it!

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Jay: "Tweedy and I have started emailing lately"

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Interesting No Depression piece out today: http://nodepression.com/article/son-vol ... est-record

I take it this tidbit will be just enough to fuel speculation/chatter of an Uncle Tupelo renunion among all the dreamers, optimists, and Hoping Machines out there?
  • Was there ever any thought about Uncle Tupelo reuniting, even temporarily, and doing another record?

    I don’t know. It’s hard to comment on that. There are so many variables. Tweedy and I have started emailing lately. I think we both realize there are so many other things to worry about other than the differences we had in the past. Things like sending our kids out into the world. Way more important things like that to tend to.

    It could be interesting, even if it was a one-off. Of course, trying to replicate past glories can be problematic.

    Yeah! There’s nothing in the works right now, but let’s see how it shakes out.

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