Tom Petty

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We just tried an acoustic cover for "Face in the Crowd".

His timeless songs will always guide. Rest in peace...

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Tupelro Son wrote:This one is still hurting. Here's his final interview(audio):
Thanks for the link. I was actually wondering what was his last interview. He was such an interesting and brilliant man.
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This one is still hurting. Here's his final interview(audio): ... story.html

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Didn't think to post this until now, but today's Tom Petty's birthday and Sun Radio in Austin is playing nothing but Petty for 24 hours. You can stream at or download their mobile app. They're going to play the full 2006 ACL Festival performance at 7:00 PM Central tonight. ... petty-day/

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Tokyo Fan wrote:Patterson Hood on Petty: ... erson-hood
There's absolutely no hyperbole in my saying that this is among the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever had the fortune of reading. Thank you so much for sharing.

Tim in the ATL

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Thanks for the links guys. Excellent stuff. These are sad times indeed.

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Pretty bummed myself. For as long as I can remember I have listened and loved Tom Petty. It seems he was always there. On MTV when I was a kid with one great video after another. On classic rock radio and alt-radio at the same time in the 90s when I was getting out of high school and really getting into music. Plus he was from Florida which always made me proud as so many things that come from here suck.

Pretty good read if you get a few minutes. ... ises/list/

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Tom Petty

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Outpouring of love and respect from a remarkably diverse group of admirers (who else appeals to Dylan, Cypress Hill and Nikki Sixx?).

From a May interview with Jay (Colorado Springs Independent):

"My first exposure to the blues would have been through The Yardbirds and The Rolling Stones, before I was old enough to go out to the clubs," he recalls. "Even though I was learning those tunings [associated with] Mississippi Fred McDowell and Skip James [for this album], it filtered through my other experiences of listening to Tom Petty and ZZ Top on the radio."

Rock in Peace, TP

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