Jay Farrar Tribute CD

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Post by mcarlton »

I guess I'm not so interested in the Wilco torrent but I did see a Big Star one that is tasty...

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Post by bigdaddy »

I'm currently downloading the Wilco fan tribute on easytree

Here it is:


I'm checking it out as a reference for what I should expect from ours. And as a competitive motherfucker I hope our kicks some Wilco ass.

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Post by tedious »

Yep, Mort is right. Its still wide open. Go to the other thread and state the song you want to do (make sure it isn't one already on the list) and then get the song to me before the deadline of the 1/11/04 (That's 1st of November where I come from)

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Post by Mort »

darell wrote:what is this and can i join?
Check out the 8 page 'Farrar Tribute' thread. Of course you can join. The more the merrier!!


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Post by darell »

what is this and can i join?

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Post by tedious »

I think we said the 1st of Novermber....there were a few who had commitments between now and then.....so there is still plenty of time to sharpen up!

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well, I have been slacking. I need MUCH more practice on the ones I have chosen, but not sounding too bad.

I agree with Tiny Elvis though, it just doesn't sound right hearing a Jay song without Jay's voice.

Still it will be great to hear all the finished products.

When did we say the deadline was? October or November?

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Post by dougm »

Just getting started, but will definetley make the deadline.

This is such a great idea.... I can't wait to hear all the versions!

The internet is just TOO cool.

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Post by tedious »

I too was wondering how everyone was getting on. It is a tough ask but I think if you aim for as different an interpratation as you can manage then results will at least be intersting. This exercise has caused me to listen even more closely to the songs on Sebastapol and I am even more blown away by all the instrumentation. The Son Volt stuff is all excellent but the band structure is fairly set, where as Sebatapol has all kinds of bits and peices adding to the sound.
I've had a few goes at recording Drain but none are sounding right....I think I need the deadline bearing down on me to firce me on!

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Farrar songs come fairly easy to me, we have approx. the same range. Not saying its as good as Jay of course, but I wouldn't say he's neccessarilly more difficult than Tweedy or anything for me.

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Jay Farrar Tribute CD

Post by TinyElvis »

Well.. how is everyone progressing for their tribute CD contribution?

I've discovered that a Jay Farrar song does not sound right no matter what unless Jay Farrar is singing it. :)

I can sing a Tweedy song, a Ryan Adams song.. many artists. But I just cannot sing Jay Farrar and give it justice. It's really weird..


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