Eric R. Danton Review in Paste Magazine

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Yea, way more to my liking and well, succinct.
I guess Paste isn’t partisan so I’ll give it that.
Thanks for that much better write-up 8)

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Thanks. This should have been the featured review in the magazine.

I found this interesting/intriguing: "With only the lyrics (by the labor organizer Joe Hill) to go by, Farrar added his own music and melody. ". Regarding Rebel Girl. I listened to at least one other cover of Rebel Girl on YouTube, so what was that? Someone else with an original music/melody?

I'll try to compare.

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Eric R. Danton Review in Paste Magazine

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There's another review in Paste magazine, this one from Eric R. Danton, and it's excellent, with lots of great details and insights into the album. Danton is probably my favorite music writer - used to write for the Hartford Courant, not I believe he is freelance. He's a great Twitter follow for links to the various articles & reviews he writes.

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