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Devil May Care is catchy, but I'm enjoying the second half of the album more than the first half right now... can't put my finger on why.

There's no "Static" on this album or "Left a Slide" but its beautiful in its own unique way and if you get the vinyl you can sit back and read along with the lyrics sheet- just like old times! 8)

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I gave it a listen and Devil May Care initially jumped out at me. I love Jay but will forever judge him against his past work. Right or wrong I dont have a clue. Songs like Fifteen Keys and Cemetary Savior are so hard to top. Have you listened to Hanging On To You recently? Bet it breaks your heart. Maybe something from this album eventually grabs me like that. I sure hope so.

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First listen and it is easily the best thing they have done in years. Sounds vibrant, like the band are very invested in it and it's short and snappy. Like all good albums it hits it's mark, says it's piece and leaves. 39 minutes in and done.

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This record is alive.
The sound is wonderful.
Reality winner makes me cry.
Thank you all Jay and the guys for always standing for this, all of this emotion, freedom and pursuit of what's true, whatever and wherever it might be.

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"Union" (album) Forum Member Opinions

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My opinion of the various songs on the album continues to evolve. My favorites are The 99 ("Take the stand now, protest and holler; Desecration of the land for the almighty dollar "), Rebel Girl and The Symbol.

The other two singles (Devil May Care and The Reason) are strong, too, and, I think, good choices to highlight.

While Rome Burns: My initial impression was that this seemed unfinished, but I'm liking it a bit more now. The lyrics, "like Orwell's doublespeak, they're taking their cues..." is spot on.

Broadsides: Lyrics are strong ("a lesson in film-flam, the world is melting tears. Knocked out in the final round, never saw it coming ") but I confess to being bored by the music. It's like a remake of Buzz and Grind.

Union: I love the music. Lyrics? I think well intended but doesn't quite come together.

Lady Liberty. I didn't like this at first listen. It's improving with plays.

Holding Your Own: at this point, so-so.

I like the four song finale: From Truth to Power Blues through The Symbol. Slow Burn might be the weak link, mainly because it sounds like a re-make of an Okemah song to me. (But I'm s big fan of Okemah...so maybe that's okay).

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