Gob Iron Project

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Thanks so much for posting! This sounds like $30million.

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@ Wrecking Ball Operator -- I see your profile pic. I actually own the original of the painting by Karl Haglund. I also purchased the original of Jay's Okemah guitar.

My local store did not have a copy, but I found it on eBay for roughly $10.

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received my copy in the mail today. Jay’s song ‘Waterloo’ fucking rules. It’s legitimately my favorite song of his in many years. The guitar parts are great. Sounds like a track that fits nicely on Straightaways.

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Missed Record Store Day in Marin, but happened to be in Santa Rosa yesterday and stopped by The Last Record Store. Awesome shop! They had all the remaining RSD 7" on a counter, and to my very pleasant surprise there was one Gob Iron! Also grabbed the Kurt Vile EP and Clapton 3LP Live 2001 (I will "redact" Wonderful Tonight each time I play it, of course).
Looking forward to the tour hitting the West Coast later this year!

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Does anyone have the ability to upload so we can all take a listen? God knows I’d pay for it if there was any way for me to hear the damn thing after doing so.

Tim in the ATL

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The single does not come with a digital download. They’re great fucking songs, too.

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The Apple Music "about Gob Iron" introduction says that Farrar had approached Parker about playing on Okemah. I didn't know that.

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Went to a couple of record stores yesterday but they didn't have the Gob Iron 7" Still on the hunt. Mark Spencer says Son Volt will be playing Waterloo on tour...

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Is there any way to hear the two new songs if you don’t own a record player? Does the 45 come with a digital download?

Tim in the ATL

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Gob Iron Project

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Mr. Parker made the announcement. Here comes the Gob Iron again...

https://open.spotify.com/album/2KpVqRWk ... BWlXvfvrdg
This is out today. Jay Farrar and I made an album 13 years ago called Death Songs for the Living under the name Gob Iron. That record has been reissued on vinyl and CD and is now streaming. This is a new single (45!) that we made a few months ago. @mark_s_spencer recorded it and played bass and keyboards. Jay played guitars, bass, and sang. I played guitars, drums, and sang.

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