San Diego 10.7.19

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San Diego 10.7.19

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The 99
Lost Souls
Sinking Down
The Picture
The Reason
Reality Winner
While Rome Burns
Cherokee St.
Devil May Care
Driving the View
Caryatid Easy
Tear Stained

*Hearts + Minds
Back Against the Wall
Jammin Me

Great to have SV in my home town. I've travelled many a mile to see them and on this night they were 20 mins away. I was pleased to see the solid turn out on a Monday night--San Diego has a good core group of SV fans.

Another strong show. Jay seems to be engaging the crowd more often and the band is incredibly tight. Highlight of the show by far was Reality Winner. I was really surprised to hear it included in the set--not sure how often they've been playing it. Jay's plaintive voice and the song's lyrics are perfectly suited to one another. As with Union, Reality Winner live far surpasses the album version. A ripping version of Medication serves as the fulcrum of the set, the role filled by Ten Second News on last year's tour.

(*Note. I was a little under the weather and therefore left before the encores. I'm assuming they played these three as they have previously.)

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