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How about "Someday is Now"?

We started to veer off into prog-rock land a bit with that one, but we consciously kept in check. There were a few times in the recording when we had to pull it back from sounding too much like Rush but I think it ultimately sounded more like Zeppelin.

Has prog always been part of your creative stew?

Not so much for me, but it's in there somewhere, I suppose. Once it gets in there, you can't shake it out completely.

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Re: article

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Got mine yesterday. Still listening, but it's all great so far. Enjoy.

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Some great stuff in this article. I assume they'll eventually figure out that Uncle Tupelo broke up during the Clinton administration and not the Reagan administration, and change that line. But interesting tidbits about each song. And Jay had rotator cuff surgery and will be playing a light electric guitar with an acoustic pick-up in the live shows to take the pressure off his shoulder...

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