Paste Magazine Interview

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Re: Paste Magazine Interview

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i haven't read that article yet.
sure hope he's doing alright. i guess he's got to be if they are gearing up for a tour here shortly.

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Re: Paste Magazine Interview

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This is a really good interview. Jay has a high level of curiosity, always seeking out local history topics/sites that most folks can live near their entire lives and might not bother to investigate:
“ But yeah, there’s some semi-local history around here, like the Trail of Tears crossed over the Mississippi down by Cape Gerardo, which is about 90 minutes south of St. Louis, so I was just kind of touching on some of those geographic points of interest, and that song came out of it.”
“ But right as I was finishing up the recording, I had to go in for a couple of surgeries, actually, and one was to my throat, so I knew that I had to get all the singing done—it was essentially nodes that had to be taken out. So again, I think I focused on it a bit more. ”. !!!!

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Paste Magazine Interview

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Son Volt's Jay Farrar on Electro Melodier, Longevity and Lockdown ... nterview/

"...And I’m primarily Irish and English myself, with all sorts of other stuff thrown in the mix. But I’ve had a bouzouki for a while, and there’s a local radio station here that plays Balkan-type music, so I hear quite a bit of that from time to time."

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