Diamond Stone Fest - Tahlequah, OK

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Re: Diamond Stone Fest - Tahlequah, OK

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Cheers indeed. Hearing SV hits SoCal January 22/23

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Re: Diamond Stone Fest - Tahlequah, OK

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Thanks J for the report!

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Diamond Stone Fest - Tahlequah, OK

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Hi, Friends! Last minute decision to drive up from Dallas but caught a few acts Friday afternoon, including Vandoliers (a personal favorite), BC & the Big Rig, and Mike & the Moonpies before SV hit the stage at 11 PM. Honestly, they are not the end of the festival night, 11 PM band when most attendees are hammered or split. However, it was easy to see the respect from the other musicians, as the previous acts were either side stage or in the crowd. Nonetheless, SV did as they always do and slayed it. In reference to the setlist, it was similar but slightly shortened to that listed in a previous post. John Horton definitely adds his own flavor to the songs we all dig, and Spencer kept other artists in awe as he killed the keys, particularly in “Hearts and Minds.”

Below is the setlist previously posted but modified for last night’s show. Lots of classics, and a few new one. I can’t wait to catch more gigs to hear more of the new album.
The 99
Arkey Blue
Back Against the Wall
The Picture
The Reason
Diamonds and Cigarettes
Sinking Down
Hearts & Minds
Driving the View
The Globe
Bandages & Scars
Afterglow 61
Tear Stained Eye
The Seeker (The Who — Replaced the “Bobby Dylan” lyric with “I’ve asked Woody Guthrie”)

I’m not familiar with many of today’s artists, but these festivals provide an opportunity for discovery.
Cheers to all — J
Remembering 11 Sept 2001 ✌️🇺🇸

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