Jay Farrar Side Projects Songwriting Credits

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Re: Jay Farrar Side Projects Songwriting Credits

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The first set you mention is The soundtrack to One Fast Move or I'm Gone which is about Jack Kerouac's book Big Sur and his time spiraling out in the Bay Area. All of the lyrics are pulled from the book and to read it after listening to the album is a real treat. It was a phenomenal project all round and the movie was very interesting. But to pull an album like that out of a book like that took a special kind of attention and art. It's one of my favorite albums. If I ever got to have a conversation with Jay, I'd want to know his thoughts on that experience.

New Multitudes is great too.

How about Slaughter Rule sound track?

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Jay Farrar Side Projects Songwriting Credits

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Occasionally I find myself perusing the BMI/ASCAP Songview database and finally was motivated to make note of the Jay’s shared songwriting credits. So I thought I’d put this out in case anyone else finds this sort of thing of interest. Specifically, I had no idea that Andrew Duplantis has a co-write with Jay (and Jack Kerouac).

Jay Farrar Side Project Songwriting Credits:
Farrar-Jack Kerouac:
All In One
Big Sur
Breathe Our iodine
California Zephyr
Final Horrors
San Francisco
Sea Engines
These Roads Don’t Move

Farrar-Kerouac-Ben Gibbard:
The Void

Farrar-Kerouac-Andrew Duplantis:
Low Life Kingdom

(Side Note: Ben Gibbard is sole songwriter for ‘One Fast Move Or I’m Gone’)

Farrar-Woody Guthrie:
Atom Dance
Hoping Machine
World’s On Fire

Farrar-Guthrie-Anders Parker:
Angel’s Blues
Around New York
Dope Fiend Robber
Freedom’s Fire*
Healing Hands*
I Was A Goner
Jakewalk Blues
Old Kokaine
San Antone Meathouse
When I Get Home
Whereabouts Can I Hide
Your Smile Cured Me

Farrar-Guthrie-Parker-Will Johnson-Jim James:
Careless Reckless Love
Flying High
Muddy Waters Finds It’s Way*
My Revolutionary Mind
New Multitudes**
Old L.A.
Talking Empty Bed Blues

(Side Note: Johnson-Guthrie songs are VD City, Chlorine My Sheba Queen and No Fear.
James-Guthrie song is Changing World)

*Not released on original or deluxe album
**There’s a separate ‘New Multitudes’ on Songview that is credited to Farrar-Guthrie only. I’m assuming the larger group of songwriter’s get the album credit.

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