Son Volt Reforms And Returns To Studio

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I dunno, I go away for a couple of months and all hell breaks loose!
stunning news!

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Jesus, I'm surrounded by nostalgia freaks...

I mean, I love SV too, but I don't think Farrar will ever be able to top Feel Free and Cahokian and that lot of music by going back to SV; he's in a place musically and artistically now that he's never been before (in a good way); but I have an open mind and an open ear; it should be interesting to see how much old-school SV comes into the mix, and how much new Farrar, or maybe there will be a new direction entirely! Who knows with Farrar! Odds are I'll like it, whatever he does :)

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Thank God! I tried to like Sebastopol...I really did-Now it collects dust as I play SV over and over again...GOOD BYE SPACE JUNK!!!

mister spills
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This made my day/week/month/year. I've been waiting for this for as long time. This ain't no reunion/regression. This is what should have always been. This will also place the solo material into the proper context. Goddamn, but this is great news. My faith in music remains.

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grainpulp wrote:man, the explosive response to this is really amazing.
it all just brings a great big smile to my face.
I agree. I may be a little drunk, but I love you guys.

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dig it!

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man, the explosive response to this is really amazing.
it all just brings a great big smile to my face.

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woooooooooooooooooooow, somebody pinch me this is great news can't wait for the release!

-there is a god :D

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Wow! The World Might Be Going To Hell but who cares!

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We get more son volt!!!!!!!! 8)

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i just read that anders parker is supposed to play on the record too.

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I agree. I see Son Volt as Jay's brand of Crazy Horse. This is not a reunion album, just like Greendale wasn't a reunion album (a 7 year space from Broken Arrow!).

Hope to see Heywood there as well. The fact that he was touring with Jay last year makes me think he'll be there.

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So does anyone know whether Eric Heywood will be playing on the new record? I always really enjoyed his playing, esp. on Trace. I also really like what he did on Peter Bruntnell's "Normal For Bidgewater". In my mind that dirty steel guitar was a big part of the SV sound.

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sam6025 wrote: just took a break to exorcise some demons
Honestly. Artist have that trouble all the time.

I can't wait for the newbie. I hope it's got a heavy mixture, (at least 5 or 6 rock songs like route or drown) and some single to offer up.

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Yeah, I agree...people used to do shit like this all the time...I'm all for Jay picking it back up...he never said they broke up, just took a break to exorcise some demons and get some ideas out...good show.

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