Son Volt Reforms And Returns To Studio

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Another vote for Mike being back in the game. One of the best you'll ever meet. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who played drums "like" him. Good luck guys.

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So, when do you all think the co-headlining Son Volt/Wilco tour will be?


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Neverwonagrammy wrote: Seriously...
I'm for anything that puts Mike Heidorn back in the public eye.
Gotta agree with you there, Brian. Big Mike fan. As someone over at the Wilco board recently posited: He must really have a lot of vacation time saved up at the paper... :D

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Made my whole week!

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This is my first post to this board although I read it a lot. None of my friends are into SV and when I got the news I didn't have anyone to celebrate with, so I had to join. Musically this is the best news I've heard in a long long time. His solo stuff is great but I really miss the full band sound especially the fiddle, banjo and steel. My wait is almost over!

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Jay just played my Stratocaster, last Saturday night, and really liked it. Here's what I'd like to see happen...
Jay buy a Strat of his own, change the name of the band to "Sun Ra Volt", then, put "SRV" on the pickguard of his Strat.
Maybe get a wide brimmed cowboy hat...
I'd really be all for that, as long as he promised to stay out of helicopters.
I'm for anything that puts Mike Heidorn back in the public eye.
What the world needs now, is Mike, sweet Mike...
I can't think of nothin' I don't like about Mike.
It's high time for them Boquist's to get back to work too.

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I'm all for an SV reunion - there's only so much Jay and Mark can do togther - otherwise Jay was gonna have to get another band together anyway. It will be REAL interesting to see and hear what SV puts on disk - my bet is that there will be some extreme departures from the norm - although I am hoping for a few classic SV tunes for my next road trip to Colorado next summer.

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eamon wrote:Sean you need to first know what your talking about...
"you're", and I don't know why I'd want to start now.

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Sean you need to first know what your talking about in terms of WILCO they never did break up. :roll: :roll: :roll: They made adjustment to the Band some left on their own terms and moved on. :? Jay never said Son Volt had split up.

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i barely know how to contain my excitement. i cannot wait for serious touring, let alone the album. this was destined to happen. _sebastapol_ and _teroir_ were jay's "black sheets of rain" and "workbook:" we should appreciate them for that....

but, it's time for the tightest rock band i've ever seen to get back on the road. damn. this is great.

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Exactly my thought they should diffently test drive the Band this Fall on Jay's Tour. 8) That would be Great. :lol: I miss the Fiddle, Drums, and Lap Steel alot since Jay's been Solo. Mark Spencer is good but a whole band is better. :wink:

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I'm pretty disappointed, as this seems like a step backwards to me. You don't see Jeff Tweedy trying to reunite Wilco do you?

Let it go, man.

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if they are going to be laying down tracks by the beginning of next month they must have been sitting on the music to record for awhile. damn that jay is one prolific song writer. i wouldn't mind having him road test a few of these new songs when he comes around in november.

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Is it just me or did the board seem really dormant for a few weeks until this news came out? Now it is alive again!!! This is great news.

Why do some of you assume that a new Son Volt record means a step back for Jay? Or that it is just Nostalgia? As talented and creative a songwriter and musician as he is, something tells me he is not just going to go in and do Trace II.

I think it can be both the return of a great rock band AND a step forward. They are not going to rest on their laurels of 10 years ago.

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This is great. I was afraid we had heard the last of SV but now we get more. I also hope that Eric Heywood is involved. The bar has been set pretty high by SV and Jay's previous work, so I hope the new album lives up to everyone's expectations.

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I'm Speechless.

Long Live Jay Farrar!

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