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i'll be there too! 3 shows 3 days: Wilco Nov. 11, Richard Buckner Nov. 12, and Jay Farrar Nov. 13. :D

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criminals wrote:Seeing Jay at Miss. Nights on Nov. 13.
... seeya there.

-- CC

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I saw Wilco and Calexico at the Fox in STL about a month ago. Phenomenal. Calexico was great and Wilco blew me away. I would choose that show over Jay solo. Luckily I don't have to choose, though. Seeing Jay at Miss. Nights on Nov. 13.

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If you come out to Wilco in Tempe, it looks like Calexico is opening the show. I haven't seen a show at the Marquee Theater yet, but heard it is a good venue, used to be the old Red River Opry. It has been a Good month for shows here finally, last week was Los Lonely Boys, Next week is Richard Buckner & North Mississippi Allstars, then Wilco on the 20th.

It's a rough decision, cause it might be the last time to see Jay solo for a while once Son Volt goes on the road. I think I would choice Jay over Wilco. But either choice will result in seing good show(s).

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hey thanks lawrence fan! Do you know if the bottleneck is only 21 and up? I took my 13 year old to see Jay at Beta Bar in Florida no prob, but I wasn't sure about Kansas law. If you get a chance some time before then would ya ask around there? She's nearly as big a fan as I am.

I saw the Jayhawks, the band, at the Bottleneck years ago. It was for the Sound of Lies tour. neat place, great stage, kinda small, intimate like.

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jeffra wrote:Don't know about this one but I am a huge Kansas Jay-hawk fan.

Ewwwww.....I'm sorry to hear that. ;)

This coming from a Mizzou fan trapped in Dirty Bird land.

Lawrence is a great town, though. Hank, come on out! Lots ta do! Bars and eat places all over the main drag through downtown. Oddly, even though our offices are literally on the other side of the wall from the Bottleneck, I have never been in there. That will change Nov 19th, though.



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Hank...come on...The Bottleneck is one of the best small clubs in the world. Plus, I am bringing a whole crew of roughnecks from KC to see the man work his magic. I will be the drunk guy yelling out 'Play Whiskey Bottle, asshole!'.

See ya then....

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Is there an airport near the show on the 19th? If so, go see Jay, then jump on a plane for the Jeff Tweedy Experience show. otherwise, I'd say that your daughter will only be thirteen once, Jay'll be around for a while.

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Don't know about this one but I am a huge Kansas Jay-hawk fan.


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I've only seen Wilco once, and that was at the first ACL Festival...it bummed me out, they didn't seem to into it...so I'd say Jay for sure, but I've heard some great things about Wilco in a club...they've never been to Houston, so I guess I'll never see it.

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Have not caught a wilco show yet so I can't say for absolute sure...

for me tho, Jay and Mark... especially if they plan to go as en vogue as is being claimed.

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That is a give me. Jay in Kansas

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No question.

Kansas is nice in November...

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Someone help me.

what would (fill in your appropirate J word here) do?

Nov 20 Wilco in Tempe, AZ. I am from Phoenix and my family lives there. i love to visit as much as possible, seeing Wilco would be great as well. It would be me and my 13 year old daughter. Air fare would be high, family time limited, the current lineup of Wilco is awesome, I enjoyed the Austin shows.


Nov 19-20

Short road trip to Kansas to see Jay w/ Mark at the Bottleneck (great place). Then hang out get a room, etc and drive down to Ft Smith the next day and see them again (never been there).

I love road trips, I want to see the turtlenecks Mark and Jay are going to be wearing, plus it would be fun.

Hmm, can't decide.

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