Mound City Music Fest

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MetroLink runs to Union Station, and then goes all the way to the Arch where you can walk to Mississippi Nights. Don't know the time it stops running, though. Sorry dude.

Where are you coming from? Possibility of those without travel arrangements can grab a ride in the metro StL from me. My wife doesn't want to go to the show (Mississippi Nights gets really, really smokey and she doesn't want to put up with it), and I am doing the sensitve, husband thing by leaving her ass home!

No seriously, PM if you live in the metro and we may be able to work something out.

Maybe they'll do a group thing at the end - play a song that everyone does at benefit gigs - like "Come Together" or something?

princess buttercup
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a friend of ours from Brooklyn is going-not sure if he's around here or not

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Instead of buying my sister and brother in law Christmas presents this year, I bought my wife and I tickets for the show. I'm sure they'll understand. This show is going to be awesome. New Son Volt, Jay, Richard Buckner. Not to mention the greatest band ever, the pride of Festus, the only band that matters, THE BOTTLE ROCKETS.

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I will be going to the show with a stayover in St. Loius that night..

Any suggestions for pubs in the area?

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damn finals and damn lack of money...

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Pretty sure Metrolink hits Union Station. Maybe someone on the board could swing by if it doesn't. Sorry, I can't, I was "asked" :roll: today "when" I was getting to our company party that night. I'll make it for Son Volt though, or I'll quit.

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Lawrence Fan
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Man, I'm torn on this one. Cash is low. Ticket and travel will run about $100. Does MetroLink run anywhere near the Amtrack station in downtown? Sounds like a stupid question, but stranger things have been known to happen. My sister throws a kick-ass Xmas party every year, and that's on the 18th. I can do one, not both. I think this will be a gametime decision.


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Sundecker's is right next door, they used to have great burgers, but I haven't been there in years. Trainwreck is 2 blocks down, good food, try a buffalo burger. I think they have ostrich burgers too. Haven't tried those. Jake's Steaks is two blocks uphill and has very good food. Morgan Street is a nice place and will probably be hopping, but their food is so so. If you're driving, Soulard is 10 minutes away. Norton's has the best Cajun in town. Mexican? Arcelia's in Layfayette Square (15 min). Oriental of all kinds on South Grand (a little over 15 min). Pho Grande (sp?) is the best, I think it's Thai. If you want pizza or Italian, The Hill is another 5 mins away. There's more than a dozen great places. You won't go wrong anywhere.

Bars within ?? distance of the Convention Center stay open until 3. That means all of the Landing, the Club District on Washington and a lot of places you'd be better off going to in the daylight first. The East Side has several, um, "gentleman's clubs", Pops (where you can see every tribute band on the planet) and OZ (disco). All of them are open until 6:00 AM. After that, it's mostly a secret. :shock:

If you want specifics, just post back.


I'm not a travel agent, I'm a ninja and that's sweet.

disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce in any way.

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It's been since the last SV show that I was at the Landing/Mississipi Nights area. Are there any decent bars nearby? I would love to find one that has a decent jukebox and food. How late are the bars/venues open in St. Louis?

It is going to be an amazing night. I would love to see SV do some rockin' covers. I would do anything to see "Makin' Time", "Last Time Around" or "Come on Baby" again. I would also love to see the Bottle Rockets do some Doug Sahm, like "Mendocino" or "Nuevo Laredo".

Does anyone know who is doing sound?

Lookin' forward...

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10 days and counting...

The Analog Kid
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Long days journey....

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I must travel from St. Louis' South Side. I'll be heading out at dawn to make the arduous trek up river. Please, keep me in your prayers!

St. Louis is sometimes knows as Mound City as the Cahokian tribe had settlements on both sides of the river. They built burial mounds for their leaders, much like the Egyptians.

The Analog Kid, out...

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better get your tickets fast if you're going, just went to the Jay show at Mississippi Nights Saturday night & they're selling quickly!!! I got mine already (and didn't have to pay a dumbass service charge, either heh heh)

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Damn, that would be cool. I doubt I can make it, we're pretty much tapped out of travel $$ for a while, but, damn, that would be cool!

Coffee Creek
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Well ... Just coming from Southern Illinois. Not exactly a cross-country jaunt.

But, I'll be just as happy to be there as if I'd hiked in from Guam.

See ya'll there

-- CC

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Sticky wrote:I'll be walking over, not much traveling. Yes, there is a Mound City, I'm not sure if the name came from there or if it has to do with Cahokia Mounds right across the river. See you there.
St. Louis was often referred to as "Mound City" but since nearly all the mounds have been demolished few know the area's history. Here are some interesting links.

I found the link at a cool UT site that details some of the references in UT/SV/JF/Wilco songs. The "Outside the Door" stuff is especially interesting. Definately worth checking out...

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