Jay's guitars and amps?

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bigdieseltrucker wrote:Jay Farrar = Man of 1,000 guitars.
I wonder what they lost in the van theft, and if any of it was recovered. Probably a lot of what was used on Trace. What a drag! Those thieves should rot.


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I have a collection of guitars and amps in my room and my favorite guitar is jay guitar because it is very beautiful. And according to an article uk writing experts review this guitar have a unique style and body.


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Jay Farrar = Man of 1,000 guitars.

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That Gretsch is a beauty. I've been using a Synchromatic for the last three years, and I've never even touched my other electric since I got it. It handles like a dream and the action is incredibly responsive. You can bend those strings off the fretboard and they still won't go out of tune. It does seem to hate capos, though. Stupid me, thinking I could play like a folky on that thing.

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Check the DVD side and you'll see his red Epiphone and his Les Paul Jr. are the electrics he played on Okemah. No idea what amp he was using though. Brad mostly played his Duesenberg through a Vox. Not sure if it was and AC30 or an AC15.

Live, he was playing the Gretsch Pro-Jets through a 59 Bassman RI. Then he got an SG.

Not much help on the old stuff. Dave used to play Les Pauls through a Super Reverb. Jay played a couple different guitars through an AC30 (besides the Mesa).


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Jay's guitars and amps?

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Does anyone have info about what guitars and amps Jay used for OATMOR or older Son Volt cds? In the dvd it looks like he's using a Gretsch guitar and maybe some old tweed Fender amps, and i know he's been know to use a Mesa Maverick, but i'm not sure what he uses for recording. I'm especially interested in how he gets his more overdriven tones, like on Bandages & Scars, Endless War, Right on Through etc. Any info you could give me would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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