Conversations with Jay?

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conversations with Jay

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Mr. Farrar, what is your sleep number?


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I seen close to a dozen Son Volt/Jay Farrar gigs and you are right he is a very quite person. Last year at the Taste of Randolph show I made eye contact with him but haven't really spoken to him. I think he may think people will bring up questions that he would perfer not to talk about :evil: dealing with UT / Son Volt :?: I sure would like to see him work on some complication with other artists or tribute albums :idea: any thought out there on this subject....


Meeting Jay

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You know, I got that chance once. I met Jay at what I think was the second show that Son Volt ever played at Shuba's (did I spell that right?) in Chicago. It was pretty amazing. One of the women I was with (who had met him the night before) got him to play "Whiskey Bottle" solo acoustic as an encore. In a tiny little place like Shuba's it was as close to heaven as I think you can get on this earth.

Anyway, after the show was over, Jay came out to the bar (had to go through it to get to the green room) and was hanging out. I bought him a drink and we chatted kind of amiably about nothing really particular, just sort of "Hey howya doin'?" sort of bar stuff. I think the first thing I asked him was what kind of car he drove. Damned if I can remember what he said. He was really cool and happy right up until I offered my praise of his lyrical ability, which was something along the lines of how we was able to find the heart of the seemingly heartless and the meaning of the ostensibly meaningless. I meant it all in a good way; I came across UT when "Whiskey Bottle," "Before I Break," and "Looking for A Way Out" were as close a description of my life as anything could be. It's cliche, I know, but it really helped the long slow crawl out of the bottle to hear that stuff.

That's when he seemed to sort of draw back. I don't think he was comfortable talking about his writing/art. When I look back on it, he seemed genuinely sort of embarrassed and humble at the same time. He mumbled his thanks in a sort of "Aww, schucks" kinda way and then said he had to split. With that he stood up and walked away towards the door to the green room, his drink untouched on the bar.

What I loved about him UT and Jay when I first encountered them was how raw the songs seemed to feel. They were real for that, kind of like the way a kick in the nuts is real for the way it puts you into the world. What I love about him now is how he is working to refine that into something just as real but less blunt. My Dad would call it getting older. Anyway, the guys' a real artist. He doesn't make a big deal about what he does or want to make a big deal about doing it because he just does it. It's there like breathing, something you do but don't think about and frankly don't want to think about because than you realize you haven't been thinking about it and all sorts of messy questions come up. Then you gotta start to develop a method and philosophy and generally being worried about all that shit that gets in the way of just doing it. He just wants to make music and fuck all if you like it or not . So if I ever get the chance to meet him again, I know I'll be more sober and I sure as shit won't say anything about the music if he doesn't bring it up first.

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"Holy shit, Jay Farrar"



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"Excuse me do you have the time by chance? Shit you're Jay Farrar, oh well I already asked my question. Have a good day"


met Jay really nice dude

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I met J ay last year In Dallas really nice man! Said Sonvolt would do something again as for Uncle Tupelo he just smiled

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I'd want to know Jay's favorite venue to perform and why? And then I'd ask if he'd be willing to take picture with me in my "Yesterdog" T-shirt. It's Grand Rapids tradition.

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I can exclusively reveal that I have aready spoken with Jay although not at great length. When he last played Glasgow I turned around kinda sudden like just as he came out of a door carrying his acoustic which I nearly clattered. I said, "Sorry" and he nodded.

Mind you, he should have been the one apologising - he almost knocked my pint out of my hand.

Aside from that, I would just like to ask him where he gets his hair cut, I think. I want to make sure I don't end up in that barber's by mistake.



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First thing most of yous would have to say to him would be an explanation as to why you were sitting in a bush by his living room window.


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He's so quiet most of the time that he probably wouldn't say much in reply, whatever the question.

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I would simply ask, "Jay, where did you get that voice?!" Tell me there's a better voice that cuts through the darkness of a road trip at night.....I'll save you the time, there isnt.

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It would be one of two questions:
1.) "Wanna go get a bite to eat with me?"
2.) "Would you produce an album for me?"

But being kinda shy I'd probably end up saying:
"How's it goin?"
Then I'd kick myself as I walked to my car for not talking more to him.
I had the opportunity to meet one of my all time favorite guitarists (Ty Tabor) a few years back and I was too shy to say anything. He walked right by me in front of Mississippi Nights. I was tearing myself up over that one. Anyone know how to overcome shyness? :oops:

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Forget Son Volt, I'd ask him when to expect a Tupelo reunion tour. I would chew off an arm to see that show.

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"When is Son Volt getting back together?" :D I've never seen them live & would KILL to do so....

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Conversations with Jay?

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If you could ask Jay just one question what would you ask him?

Also has anyone ever seen Jay speak outside of a few words at his shows? I think it would be cool if they taped an interview with him for us fans to see. I'd be nice to know what Jay's like when he's not performing.

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