Solana Beach

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me- jealous :x

you- nice post 8)

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Solana Beach

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A little late posting cause I'm still blown away. Such an amazing show. Talking to the Canyon guys afterword and the singer said it was possibly the best show they played so far. Jay, get this, told us a story. Apparently they were stopped at the California border, and they had a banana to claim. So they gave the head border patrol guy the banana and he asked them what they were doing in California. Jay replied "We're musicians". The officer then said "pull the van to the side", and proceeded to lecture them about how marijuana does not affect music making positively.
Funny shit. Lucifer Sam was jammin and Jay had been facing the drum kit for a long time and before we knew it he was turned hurricane was being played, amazing.

Solo Acoustic:

Greenwich Time
Hard is the Fall
Six String Belief

With Canyon:

Feel Free
Make It Alright
No Rolling Back
Fool King's Crown
All of Your Might
Heart on the Ground
Damaged Son
Damn Shame
Hanging on to You
Feed Kill Chain
Voodoo Candle
Clear Day Thunder

Solo Acoustic Encore:

6 String Belief
Driving the View
Tear Stained
California (not on setlist)

2nd Encore w/ Canyon:

Lucifer Sam into:
Like a Hurricane (not on setlist)

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