Wilco DVD

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Remember Rolling Stone got a big spot in "Im Trying to Break...", maybe thats why the review of Jay's album was no so hot (i totally disagree that most of the songs are "forgetable" as the reviewer put it).

R.S. is kissin' some major Tweedy ass. i love the album, the movie is good too, but these are two different artists going in different directions... easy in print to compare one another, but when you listen to the music you can hear the differences....

One hand scratches the other's back it seems in this case...

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I love watching the Wilco DVD. Great concert footage, great insights into the band. Loved the version of "How to fight loneliness," didn't like the way they played 'Monday' in concert on it. I just think it's great that a non-Top 40 band could have a film made about them.

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Wilco DVD

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I really like the bonus disk with the solo Jeff stuff. It was refreshing to see the acoustic material after listening to YHF nonstop for several months. Going to stop by the store on the way home and buy Terroir Blues on the way home. :D

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I am trying to break your heart?....I bought and really like it. As a movie it is funny, dramatic and the real life characters become more interesting as the story moves along (Tony M and others who have quotes). Musically it rocks and really shows Jeff in the various settings and stages of writing those new songs, which if your a Tupelo/Wilco fan you should totally love. And speaking of UT, I just find it very ironic that Jeff, being the one who was developing musically in what was mostly/maybe Jay's band back in UT, had his own breakup with a totally different "Jay" in his band, documented for the world to see. Both Jay and Jeff awesome, and looking back now maybe Jay was smart enough then to do what he had to do, breakup the band and move on. It hurts and confuses their fans, but it mostly hurts the guy/songwriter that didn't totally see it coming and didn't want to have it happen. Jay B, even though he seemed like he would be nery annoying to say the least, had to feel alot like how Jeff felt when Jay didn't want to write and play with him in UT anymore.

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Wilco DVD

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I ordered it awhile back and thought it was pretty good. The bonus disc wasn't too hot. Anyone else?

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