thanks Jay...

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daze inundated

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Indeed........... I dipped my chip in the same salsa that Jay and Brian dipped their chips in........... I felt so f'in priveleged!!!!!!!!


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When in town he has to deal with family,friends,etc. and prefers the road
where he can focus on the music without the off stage distractions.IMHO


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Does anyone from St Louis know why Jay doesn't play out here more?

Long Slow Fade
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Well put. Wish I was there.

saratoga jaythe first

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Amen that brother!!!!

11 of 16

thanks Jay...

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I am truly happy to be inhabiting the planet at the same time that Jay is making music. The show at the Duck Room in St. Louis was a blast. Jay and Mark were called out for curtain call after curtain call. At one point they brought food they had leftover from the backstage buffet and served it to the audience. What a great moment. Brian Hennemen was also present and accompanied Jay and Mark on several tunes. Thanks Jay for the great moments and emotions that you've quietly, unknowingly, and unassumingly brought out in myself and in countless others....

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