new album

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I saw Jay and Mark play at Hopetoun House in Edinburgh (which was a festival with Steve Earle, Emmylou and Little Feat amongst others) a few years back. I think (am pretty sure) it was their first ever solo show together but I was pretty struck with Mark's playing right away.


haven't heard the album, but Mark Spencer is an absolute...

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monster of a player. He's long been at the head of the class in his genre, and not only from a technical standpoint. He's ridiculously versatile and plays with so much more feeling than most guitarists. Great singer, too. I did hear that Bristol bootleg from a few years back wherein he sounded as though he was still kind of getting up to speed on Jay's stuff both instumentally and vocally. He sure sounded as though he'd gotten all the kinks ironed out by the time I saw the boys the following summer. When will we ever hear some more from his terrific ol' outfit Blood Oranges?

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it is great sound

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Jay's voice really all up front, other instruments down in mix, really lets me focus on melody and the sound of his voice as much as what he is saying. Sometimes i don't know words and it is ok. More introspective than Sebastopol I think. More intimate less pop. OK, I am going to stop there... it just has a great unique sound, excellent songwriting on first listen...
thanks for the music Jay


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Mark has sounded fine at the shows I've seen him play (just three times, Sebastol tour).

...of course I tend to be drinking so...

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All i"ve heard is what I saw with No Rolling Back, but I can't wait to get it!!! I just ordered it on-line tonight. I'm so excited! I'm already in love with No Rolling Back. Jay is so brilliant!!!!!!!!!


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new album

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I purchased the album a couple of days ago, and the introspectiveness of the album demands the listener pay attention. This has both good and bad aspects. Part of what I like to do is let the music carry me through whatever I'm doing, but I also like being pulled into an album too. Yet this album does not tug at my sleeve in a glad manner.
When I hear this album, I see Jay sitting with his guitar, and his head looking down at his fingers. In my dreams, I want Jay to look at his audience and not so much at himself. When he pulls out of himself, is when he does his best work. He is a lovely storyteller, as we have all heard. My only other disappointment is the continued insistence of taking Mark Spencer everywhere Jay goes. Some of Mr. Spencer's guitar work accents Farrar's songs even more forlorn. However, on up-beat music, I've often heard many goofs, and downright off-key and strange keyboards to the point where the notes hurt and distracted the ear. Spencer may be more comfortable in the studio, but by my thinking Farrar's songs deserve better. SHS

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