Well, hello! It's been a minute.

Should we breathe new life back into this board?

Meh ... Facebook is fine. See you there, suckers!
Yes! Facebook is for memes and photos of other people's kids.
I'll say yes, but will probably forget to check in for another year.
YES, BOARD! How else will non-Facebooking Jay see our decades of dedication and assorted shenanigans?
Total votes: 28

Lawrence Fan
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Post by Lawrence Fan »

I saw a rather unflattering commentary in some hipster rag about Jay with Trace turning 20. He called Trace "safe". Fucker.

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Post by TinyElvis »

'Honky Tonk' is a damn fine record.

Tokyo Fan
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Post by Tokyo Fan »

Absolutely! I don't do Facebook and had completely given up on this board...though on occasion will peek in.

I just found a couple of great performances of New Multitudes doing Jake Walk Blues and Flying High on you tube. All four of the guys are sitting in a line in front of the camera, Anders looking almost like a clone of The Band's Garth Hudson. Which inspired me to log on today.

I think Jay has really been on a strong roll these last several years.

I don't see how to vote...but count me in as a "yes".

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Post by derekf »

Can we still talk about gardening? Because I'm starting to shoot that shit up like heroin. Seriously, it's become an obsession.

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Post by farrarfan1v2.0 »

I had to register under a new account, apparently the old one was mothballed. This place was a lot of fun back in its heyday.

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Post by unchartedthickets »

Back in the day, this MB was a go-to for laughs, squabbles and cool tunes.
On a couple occasions I found myself in-the-throes of riotous chest pounding keyboard bravado. I do miss the cantankerous pontification, and
and kindness of the past. The last time this place got stirred up was when Marc Spencer was posting.

I still check in and hope for the good ol' days. I know I haven't helped in springing life into this place, but I don't have a fucking desk job, nor do I have
much down time anymore. Those of you who are passionate about instigating an approximation of MB 1.0 - 1.? should know they have a quiet cheerleader.

Facebook doesn't give me the 'special feeling' this place does. Facebook seems more general, like a broader community; while the JF board maintains a specialized niche within the internet cosmos.

Good luck! I'll visit and occasionally post bullshit as long as this place is around. :wink: :wink:

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Post by TragicFig »

Resurrect the board! I still come here often, hoping for the day when Jay announces his new electric SV record. I keep thinking of that scene in the OATMOR DVD when Jay says, "It was nice to get the band back together and turn it up again."

Also have been turned on to several musicians by board members' impeccable taste in music. Keep the board alive!

Left A Slide
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Post by Left A Slide »

Fuck Facebook right in the ass.

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Post by Terraplane »

Yes, I remembered my password on the third try!

Lawrence Fan
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Post by Lawrence Fan »

I can't find the "Like" button.

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Well, hello! It's been a minute.

Post by dEvRoNiKa »

I can't believe I remembered my password. I share the sentiment that it's really nice to visit this old haunt. Tons of memories here. I feel like Facebook killed the board a little bit. I know most of us are friends over there, but the threads aren't quite like they used to be!

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