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Post by farewellangelina »

Haven’t heard it yet, looking forward to it, though.

What’s up with everyone knocking her latest efforts?! I enjoy listening to West, think it’s a good album. Not mind blowing, but far, far from being passed off as too boring to bother with!


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Post by calexico »

I am liking this one a lot more than West and Little Honey. Definitely getting more of a listen than those two did anyway.

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Looks like I'll be adding to my weekend listening list ...

Post by Coffee Creek »

It's nice to hear some positive response to her new album.

This was another one I held off buying on my trip to the record store yesterday. I wanted to hear more of the album and more feedback before I bought it.

It looks like it's moving to the "to buy" list.



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Glad to hear that she is doing better stuff. She seemed to be in a real downward spiral. I'll have to check it out.

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Post by manshank »

Loved Essence.......after that not so much.....but yes this is a good one.

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Post by turpentim »

I'd like to second the thumbs up to Lucinda's new one. I was initially very hesitant to even give it a spin, as, to be honest, I've not really loved anything she's done since 'Car Wheels' (perhaps one of my all-time favorite records). But 'Blessed' is really a return to form in many ways. Anyone with doubts, do me a favor and listen to the following three tunes: 'Buttercup,' 'Seeing Black,' and 'Soldier's Song.' Really rockin' rockers and devastating ballads. Good stuff.

Tim in Chapel Hill

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Post by unchartedthickets »

Roy Kasten of KDHX speaks highly of this. He's got some street cred.
and I enjoy his show so I'm inclined to nod my head in lazy agreement.
I haven't heard much of it, just what's been played and I think it's classic
Lucinda. ... ylist=2667

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Post by stablew »

It does sound pretty good, probably a little better than the last one or two.

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Ugh, she lost me after Essence. Don't need to have any more blues wailings from teh landlady in Kingpin.

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Post by manshank »

Lucinda's new one is up on NPR's first listen..........sounds great!

Also an interview up on Aquarium Drunkard

Just saying

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