Jay Farrar Side Projects Songwriting Credits

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Jay Farrar Side Projects Songwriting Credits

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Occasionally I find myself perusing the BMI/ASCAP Songview database and finally was motivated to make note of the Jay’s shared songwriting credits. So I thought I’d put this out in case anyone else finds this sort of thing of interest. Specifically, I had no idea that Andrew Duplantis has a co-write with Jay (and Jack Kerouac).

Jay Farrar Side Project Songwriting Credits:
Farrar-Jack Kerouac:
All In One
Big Sur
Breathe Our iodine
California Zephyr
Final Horrors
San Francisco
Sea Engines
These Roads Don’t Move

Farrar-Kerouac-Ben Gibbard:
The Void

Farrar-Kerouac-Andrew Duplantis:
Low Life Kingdom

(Side Note: Ben Gibbard is sole songwriter for ‘One Fast Move Or I’m Gone’)

Farrar-Woody Guthrie:
Atom Dance
Hoping Machine
World’s On Fire

Farrar-Guthrie-Anders Parker:
Angel’s Blues
Around New York
Dope Fiend Robber
Freedom’s Fire*
Healing Hands*
I Was A Goner
Jakewalk Blues
Old Kokaine
San Antone Meathouse
When I Get Home
Whereabouts Can I Hide
Your Smile Cured Me

Farrar-Guthrie-Parker-Will Johnson-Jim James:
Careless Reckless Love
Flying High
Muddy Waters Finds It’s Way*
My Revolutionary Mind
New Multitudes**
Old L.A.
Talking Empty Bed Blues

(Side Note: Johnson-Guthrie songs are VD City, Chlorine My Sheba Queen and No Fear.
James-Guthrie song is Changing World)

*Not released on original or deluxe album
**There’s a separate ‘New Multitudes’ on Songview that is credited to Farrar-Guthrie only. I’m assuming the larger group of songwriter’s get the album credit.

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